Before and after photos of Tim 'The Bruiser' Mohatt and Jesse 'Bruja Mota' Wells after changing their physical and nutritional goals with 'Metal Health.' 

Before and after photos of Tim 'The Bruiser' Mohatt and Jesse 'Bruja Mota' Wells.

‘Bruja Mota’ & ‘The Bruiser’ Are Making Changes

Written by "A Novice Journalist" -- Oct. 11, 2018

She’s the personification of the lead singers Debbie Harry of “Blondie” and Joan Jett of “Joan Jett & the Blackhearts.” He’s the embodiment of the lead singer Tom Araya of “Slayer” and Scott Ian, the guitarist of “Anthrax." 

But together, Jesse “Bruja Mota” Wells and Tim “The Bruiser” Mohatt, both connoisseurs of artistic expression use “Metal Health,” a diet and exercise program as a means to effectively exceed their fitness and nutrition goals and to maintain their positive lifestyles.


“[The concept of] managing your health and wellness is not widely appreciated within the punk rock, tattoo, and metal communities,” said Mohatt, a NASM certified health coach.

“I love metal rock. But I’ve learned that a lot of people in these cultures are the ones who need help the most and don’t know where to find it. And that’s one of the main reasons why I developed ‘Metal Health’ as a brand that I can use to identify with potential clients of this genre.”

According to Mohatt, the core principles of Metal Health focuses on developing healthy, sustainable habits by using low-glycemic, blood sugar stabilizing food.  

Mohatt is no stranger to living a lifestyle that wasn't conducive to his health and mental well-being, he said.

"I was working in the tech industry, and that's a very demanding and stressful field," Mohatt said. "Almost 80-hours a week. That aspect increased my sedentary lifestyle and caused me to gain over 60-pounds, and it put a rift in my ability to see my children.” 

According to Forbes Magazine, Mohatt’s stress—which can lead to increased weight gain and other side effects—is very prevalent in the fast-paced, driven world of the tech industry.

“Deep down, I knew that I had to put a stop to that life,” he said. “So, when I was laid off from my job, I decided to not fall back into the industry and chose to become a personal trainer to help people be healthy. That's where Metal Health came in."

His time developing applications and technology used by global ride-share companies wasn't in vain, according to Mohatt.

"While doing freelance work, I met Jesse [Wells], and life began to turn for the better," he said. "We were both at a point in our lives that we wanted to change who we were physically and mentally. So we started this exercise and diet journey together, and it's been pretty awesome."

Wells, the business manager of Think Tank Tattoo in Denver, Colorado and Mohatt's girlfriend said that she has also had problems with weight management. 

"Growing up in Colorado, traditional Mexican food was the norm which is also high in calories and carbohydrates," Wells said. "My parents gave me a lot of independence growing up which meant that I had very little nutritional supervision. I also began comfort eating while I was going through puberty or when I got agitated."

Not only did her diet affect her growing up, but her social life as well.


"I used to party and drink quite a bit when I was younger," Wells said. "I started drinking last socializing when I was about 15-years-old. It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I realized that I have been making some stupid decisions and putting myself in harm's way. And so I quit drinking for 30 days. That was nines ago, but I replaced my drinking habit with eating food high in sugar. I realized that wasn't the best thing to be doing."

Wells tried combining the system of flexible dieting and exercising, but that idea wasn't too practical, she said.

"I was constantly having pain in my lower back," Wells said. "So, I decided to approach weight loss with flexible dieting and exercise. The plan only allowed me to lose about five pounds after six months. Although it improved my overall strength because I was back able to back squat 100-pounds, it did not keep the weight off. That's when my  last fitness coach stated that I needed to re-adjust nutrition."

Since participating in Metal Health for the past 16 weeks, Wells stated that she's feeling and looking better than she ever has before. 

"Engaging in Tim's [Mohatt] Metal Health program, I'm down 37-pounds," she said. "That's nearly nine percent body of my fat gone. My cystic acne and back pain has virtually been eliminated. Every time I awake in the morning, I am well rested, and my energy levels are 'through the roof,' it's the besting felling ever."

According to Mohatt, consistency to the Metal Health program is vital to seeing wanted results. 

"Weight-loss is an arduous journey," he said. "However, changing your nutrition for the better, knowing that somedays will not be perfect and surrounding yourself with positive and like-minded people will make that trip a lot better." 

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